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Denver Art Museum

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

Kisses for Rex

I am an unabashed museum nerd. So of course I must visit at least one in a new (or revisited) city. While museums might not be the first thing one thinks of when visiting the Mile High City, I enthusiastically recommend the terrific Denver Art Museum. The area around it is great for strolling, and it's worth a drive-by for the cool modern architecture in its own right.

The museum hits all the major points for me:

  • well curated mix of contemporary & more classic art

  • engaging special exhibit (this one was Degas)

  • organized and laid out with "room to breathe" & enjoy the art at a relaxed pace

  • bonus: gorgeous interior architecture to delight the architecture fan

The featured exhibition offered an array of varied art styles with animals as the star.

From the unmistakable Degas to Asia to horses seemingly constructed from branches (but actually from metal!) there's something for every taste.

Inside and out, a modern architecture lover's dream!

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