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Will Take Photos for Food

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

Hello from an unabashed perma-hungry phototgrapher with incurable wanderlust.

I'll do my best to keep this intro post succinct, as I also come from a family of raconteurs and we can get a bit ... long winded.

Like many of you, I too adore travel and all it encompasses - particularly the smorgasboard of food and photographic opportunities. Yes, I like fun, nay, iconic, photos for my IG page too but I like challenge more. The challenge of arriving in a place like Paris and finding the restaurant that will make me weep from the symphony in my mouth or MY iconic shot - whether it involves Gustav's tower or not.

This is a big, beautiful, often strange world, and sometimes it seems like everywhere has already been gone to and done. But when I arrive in one of these places, I have not been there nor done any of that. Experiencing a place in person can't compare to exploring it from the web, and so I will set off wide eyed or even jaw dropped, because it's new for me.

Why now? Only in more recent years have I properly prioritized travel and made it a bigger, more consistent part of my life. It's not always a far flung or exotic location, but that's ok by me. I go where I can, when I can. And if I can't jaunt off somewhere with my camera, I'll make do with taking my taste buds on vacation via local restaurants, events, or just my own kitchen.

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My name is Raffaella. My three favorite things are photography, travel, and food.


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